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/ A Community Business Partnership Enterprise With Huge Dividends

Vet's First is a Community Business Partnership Enterprise founded by the United States Veterans Inc, Chamber of Commerce in partnership with various governmental agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations and veteran service organization throughout America, to provide the nations veteran owned business community, who business owners have suffered a disadvantage as a direct result of their heroic military service, with reciprocal, preferential business and contracting opportunities  

Empowering The Nations VOB's Through Entreprenurial Partnerships

Vet's First proposition is simple and straight forward; Support Americas Veteran Owned Business Community through the provision of reciprocal, business and preferential contracting opportunities and patronage in support through the Eagles Night Out Community Partnership Business Networking Events and every ENO member will in turn provide your business with the same reciprocal, business and preferential contracting opportunities and patronage in recognition and appreciation of your businesses Heroic and generous contributions to the veteran community.

Vet's First is about building community business partnerships designed to generate unparalleled, reciprocal, preferential business and contracting opportunities, while at the same time increasing customer loyalty, frequency and sales volumes  for every ENO member alike.  We accomplish this by merging the power & Influence of the Veteran Owned Business & Military Community, with those members of the ENO Community Partnership Business Network to create the most politically influential and powerful consumer community groups in the nation.


It's Only Good Business - When Every One Profits

To qualify for membership each applicant must pledge to to provide the same reciprocal, preferential business & contracting opportunities, patronage and support that they expect or receive from other members.  ENO Management is mandated to enforce the Chambers reciprocal business equal opportunity policy and are further required to track 

business transaction activities between members to prevent abuse and to ensure all our members receive the highest return possible on the investments that they have made to our veterans in business.


Imagine The Possibilities...


Military Community

Approximately 167 million Americans make up the Military Community population. The average duel income for a military family is approximately $107,000.00 a year. The Military Community dominates middle and senior management positions in every city, county state and federal government agency and industry in the private sector. Further; the Military Community welds a significant amount of influence politically, in the media, the work place, within our communities, amongst family members, friends and associates   ​and are the most avid supporters of the Veteran Owned Business Community.

Veteran Owned Business Community

3.7 million veteran owned businesses (VOB) ranging from sole proprietors to large corporations and conglomerates.  That generated sales/receipts of $1.6 trillion, employed 8.2 million employees, and annual payroll of $280 billion

​VOB Community Business Partners​

​ ​

Politicians: Aside from the federal government which is all encompassing, The number of incorporated town and cities is over 30,000,the National League of Cities put the total at 19,429 municipal governments in the US, which employ over 100,000 political appointees serving their constitutes at every level of government.


Government: There were 87,504 governmental units in the United States as of June 1997. In addition to the Federal Government and the 50 state governments, there were 87,453 units of local government. Of these, 39,044 are general purpose local governments - 3,043 county governments and 36,001 sub county general purpose governments, including 13,726 school district governments and 34,683 special district governments." ​

Government Contractors:  In fiscal year 2009, the federal government wrote 6.6 million "actions," commonly referred to as "contracts" for products and services needed during the year. In addition to this activity, the federal government's use of credit cards resulted in another 30 million transactions. This is a lot of activity, but what are the dollars? The contracts represented about $626 billion, while the credit cards amounted to an additional $300 billion.​

Military: DOD and the military branches employed roughly 766,000 service  contractors in FY 2009;​ defense contractors DoD spent a total of $360 billion in contracts in FY 2012, about 52 percent of which were service contracts. The GAO found that the competition rate for services was much higher than for products. In the case of non-research and development (R&D) services, the rate was nearly twice as high (76 percent vs. 41 percent).

Military Contractors: DOD and the military branches employed roughly 766,000 service  contractors in FY 2009; defense contractors DOD spent a total of $360 billion in contracts in FY 2012, about 52 percent of which were service contracts. The GAO found that the competition rate for services was much higher than for products. In the case of non-research and development (R&D) services, the rate was nearly twice as high (76 percent vs. 41 percent).

Business: There is an estimated 29,413,039 establishments in the unites states which employ 120,604,265employees, with an annual payroll of 5,026,778,232 and 30,738.533,467 in sales receipts.

Veteran Service Organizations: there are more than 35,000 "posts or organizations of war veterans," representing about 2 percent of all nonprofit groups in the United States, with revenues exceeding $1.2 billion in 2010.


Non-Profit Organizations: Currently 2.3 million Organizations operate in the United States. The nonprofit sector contributed 804.8 Billion to the U.S. economy in 2010, making up 5.5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). In 2010 the largest component of the nonprofit sector reported $1.51 trillion in revenue, $1.45 Trillion in expenses and #2.71 Trillion in assets. In 2011 private charitable contributions totaled $298.42 Billion.


​The Gratitude of A Grateful Nation:​ As of 2012, the population in America is 319.9 million people.  of which 167 million people make up the membership of Americas Military Community. When you consider the fact that though the remaining 152.9 million Americans   are not  members of the military community, the remaining majority has either has someone in their family or know a friend, neighbor, co-worker that has served.and have a deep and abiding appreciation and respect not just for Americas military hero's, but also for those politicians, government agencies, and businesses across America that support them.


Vet's First is not just a good business opportunity, but an opportunity to do an incredible amount of good within the community on many different levels, and it's a partnership that promises "Big" returns not just for our veterans in business,  but also for our community partners in business who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to empower and serve the veterans in the communities where they do business.

It's A Partnership That Promises  Big Returns

Leveraging The Power and  Influence      of Community

There's a saying among the elite: You Are Who You Hang With. You cant be a pigeon and fly with Eagles. If you want to fly with Eagles, you have got to become an Eagle. And the quickest way to become an Eagle in America is to join an organization of Eagles.

Becoming an Eagle is not easy, nor is it for everyone,  Eagles Night Out membership is exclusive, and open only to those companies that demonstrate the highest levels of Honor, Integrity, Courage, Commitment and Service towards the communities in which they do business, through public service and their support of our nations military hero's.

All ENO applications are vetted by ENO management eliminate any undesirable applicants and to further ensure that our ranks are filled with members of whom you would be proud to be associated and do business with.

If You Want To Fly With Eagles..        You Have Got To Become    An Eagle

What our Eagles Night Out events are all about. Whether on the battlefield or here on the home front, we do not differentiate between Military, Veterans and a Non-Veteran Company or Individual. If your a member of the Eagles Night Out family, it is through your selfless service, generosity and support of our veterans that you have earned a place as a valued member of our community. And as veterans pledge "No One Left Behind" so does that pledge include you and your Company.

The VOB Community Partnership Business Network
The Power Of Community at Work

Non-Veteran Partners

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