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Being a member of the United States Veterans Inc, Chamber of Commerce creates important connections that enable individuals of the military community, veteran owned business owners and our valued VOB business partners to do and achieve more. Membership is your personal link to America's Military & Veteran Owned Business community and VOB Business Partners throughout the nation. The USVIncCC is dedicated solely to the mission of promoting new business opportunities, partnerships, collaborations, referrals and generating sales for our members. · Chamber membership means new business opportunities. Choose from membership networking programs including HERO's Night Out, VOB Partnership Alliance , Eagles Night Out, The Gathering Of Eagles, and SPEC-OPS-CERT Networking Events, Business Expos, Conferences and much more. · Get access to a wide range of business seminars, workshops, marketing tools; attain local and national exposure through the chambers on-line publications, multi-channel public media broadcast, grow your business network through the multitude of chamber business expos, conferences and networking events, while at the sometime building visibility and a positive community image.

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Disclaimer Special offers and discounts subject to change or cancellation without notice. The USVIncCC makes no warranty or representation that the products or services listed meet the specifications described herein or are fit for any particular purpose. As with all consumer products, USVIncCC members are cautioned to conduct their own independent inquires and investigations to determine whether membership services are suitable for their individual and/or business needs

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