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USVIncCC Creating One Stop Database for Veteran Social Services

The USVIncCC Veterans and Dependants Community Services Locator, is an internet based repository and database for detailed information about community services across America. This one stop website will provide Governmental Agencies, Military Organizations, Veterans Service Organoztions, Active Duty Personel , Veterans and Their Dependants with a powerful tool to help connect individuals within the military community the social service based resources and support services they need.


The Veterans and Dependants Community Services Locator is being designed to be a user friendly database of over 250,000 health and  social service  resource programs throughout the nation. The locator provides users with searchable, location based information on many different types of programs iranging to counseling, financial assistance to community based services.

The Veterans and Dependants Community Services Locator will have a simple intuitive user interface that allows users to identify programs based on service type, population served, and program location, displaying all results on a dynamic navigable map. Search result information includes: organization names and addresses, hours of operation, contact information, types of services provided, languages spoken, directions, and links to organizational websites.


The Locator is currently under coinstruction and is being funded soly by the United States Veterans Inc., Chamber of Commerce. . Funding is expected to average approximately $200,000 per year.


The need to to create a national Veterans and Dependants Community Services Locator database arose from the result of extensive research that clearly showed the lack of a unified support network necessary to provide for the special rehabilitative and transition needs of our our military and members of the military community   Thethe concept is based on a free centralized online database of social services, organizations and community resources specifically specializing in serving our returning military and the military community. Although the idea for the Locator can be tracked to the founder of the USVIncCC Mr. Iva Beaulieu, the impetus according to Mr. Beaulieu “was the realization that when it came to helping our military, veterans and their dependants connect with community resources most veterans service organizations and social service practitioners were spending a great deal of time reinventing the wheel and creating siloed resource lists, rolodexes and databases.”


Beyond the obvious duplication of efforts by many different service providers and case workers, this kind of situation can also have a negative impact on those seeking services who can only access services their individual case worker happens to know about. The Locator is a sustainable resource that corrects this situation by enabling service providers to access a universe of current information to use to build comprehensive service plans for their military Community clients.


In addition, the need for a service locator was also identified by many within political staffers who hear from constituents asking for help finding resources in their communities. Overall this initiative and the USVIncCC mission of becoming the nations centralized hub for military community community resources is aligned with and works towards presidential directive to ensure  government data and resources are shared and accessible to the public.


Although the USVIncCC was not the first to create this type of service locator, The USVIncCC's  Locator is the first of its kind to go nationwide and provide information on dozens of different categories of services ranging from food banks and housing programs to victims’ services and mental health programs. Outside of the unparalleled depth of the service locator, its usability is what truly separates it from county level and private sector service databases. With important features like the ability for community members to add a listing, to get both driving and public transportation information, and a resource page that provides users with links to foreclosure resources, legal assistance resources, and tax preparation help, the locator is expected to become a popular tool within the nations military community social service providers.


In 2014, The USVIncCC Locator is expected the nations centeral service provider for the delivery of informatio and social services to the military community. As we continue to collect more detailed information about the programs and services listed, searching will become more flexible and users will be better able to identify the services that best meet their individual needs.At this time USVIncCC strategic IT service providers are working to expand the types of organizational information provided on the USVIncCC Services Locator. By meeting with end users, soliciting opinions and conducting focus groups with veteran service organizations and social service practitioners, The USVIncCC is working to increase the ease of use, refine its search function, and create a medium for users thare information about state and local resources.

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