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The Veteran Owned Business Community Social Network

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Gain Exposure


  • Create a free profile that advertises the business

  • Enhanced profile with photos and a video

  • Consider inexpensive paid advertising visible throughout the entire VOB Community site

The VOB Community

Coming Together To Form Strong Business Reciporcial Trade Agreement Alliances

Collaborate and Innovate


  • Find unique ways to connect and collaborate through B2B Exchange postings

  • Post business opportunities

  • Explore Co-op Marketing partnerships with ease

Expand the Business Network Reach


  • Form alliances and establish relationships with new businesses

  • Search for new alliances by industry and/or location

  • Send private messages fast and easy to other members

Learn and Grow


  • Find local and/or national events relevant to the business's interests/needs

  • Post business events to drive traffic

  • Share and explore business wisdom with the WinWin community

Growing Your Business Network


Connect with other winning businesses on the Veteran Owned Business network platform by forming an Reciporcial Trade Agreement Alliance. Share a synergistic relationship that creates opportunities to exchange services, products and resources that increase efficiency and profitability. Each Reciporcial Trade Agreement Alliance formed expands the level of exposure to opportunities that will increase revenue and decrease expenses.


Forming an Reciporcial Trade Agreement Alliance is easy. Profiles created when a business joins the Veteran Owned Business Network platform will be analyzed to strategically recommend Reciporcial Trade Agreement Alliances based upon compatibility. An additional way to build Riciporcial Trade Agreement Alliances is to use the search tool. Explore and invite other businesses to create a powerful TEAM of Veteran Owned Business Network Riciporcial Trade Agreement Alliances!

The Veteran Owned Business Community Social Network