Building Community and Developing Unparallelled Business Opportunities Through the Strategic Implementation of Visionary B2B Networking Technology Solutions.

Eagles Night Out is committed to investing heavily in cutting edge information management and technology solutions necessary to provide our members with the state of the art, entrepreneurial training, support, information, and business resources they require to compete efficiently and effectively in today's economy, against any competitor large or small, Irrelevant of their geographic location. ​Are just a few of the on-line tools and services being implemented as part of the Events offerings to provide significant added value to our members. That will give our members the means to gain a strategic advantage when it comes to growing their business, building relationships and competing efficiently and effectively against any competitor in any situation or geographic location.h. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

POKEN is a device that allows ENO event attendees to maximize the number of potential business partners, contracting opportunities and customers they meet at an event. The way it works is quite simple. each member is provided with their own personal POKEN. When you meet someone at an event that is a good fit for their business resource network, product or service, they simply touch their POKEN'S together and digital profiles containing the persons picture contact and business information are exchanged. When the member returns home or back to the office they simply plug the POKEN into their computer and all the contacts made at that event are uploaded to the POKEN database on the members computer for follow out side the events. This is an ideal means for our members to maximize the number of potential business partners and prospects they meet at large events of 100 people or more.  POKEN'S are implemented at all ENO events, so no matter where you travel to attend an ENO event,  members will be able to use their POKEN'S to their benefit across the network.

POKEN - Business Networking On Steroids

Investing In Your Success

Amico - Startegic Business Opportunity Targeting

Amico is a device similar to POKEN the difference lies in its ability to to choose from the attendees list on-line, potential business partners, customers and business network resources that a member may have a particular interest in meeting at an event. When at the event, the member comes in close proximity of the people their interested in meeting, the bracelet will light up and that individuals business profile will pop-up on the members smart phone, providing background information on the potential targeted client prior to a formal introduction.


Bizzabo is a mobile networking app for events that promotes interactions between the event attendees and provides a means for attendees to identify, communicate and interact with one another through their phones at the event.

ENO SmallBiz Smart Deal Discounts is a free member opt-in, value added service, made available to ENO members only.​ The service was created to provide those members interested in promoting their products and services to the ENO membership, while at the same time providing member businesses an opportunity to save a substantial amount of money of future purchases. And further provide an incentive for members to continue networking and doing business outside ENO networking events.
Military Community Social Network

The United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce has a social network under construction designed to promote and build community among the nations 167 million member of the Military Community.  The MC Social Network will provide a venue where the nations active military, veterans and their dependents will be able to meet and interact on a social level for the purpose of helping each other heal, to provide support to members of their community and to strength the bond and build community for those members that make up the Military Community.

The United States  Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce currently has under development a VOB Community Business Network Database that will operate similar to Linked IN, which will allow members of the Veterans Business Community and its strategic Non-Veteran Community Business partners to network and build their resource networks online. 

VOB - Community Business Network
Pathable - Event Experience On-line

Pathable ( is an easy-to-use, private on-line community / directory for events plus on-site networking tools that helps attendees meet and helps sponsors reach attendees in a targeted, non-intrusive way. Attendees and sponsors create short profiles, then use the system to see who else is coming and to start conversations with them, pre-networking before the conference begins.


The United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce is committed to investing heavily to the adoption or development of cutting edge information management and business networking technologies to prove our members with a competitive, strategic technological advantage against any competitor in the market place.

ENO Strategic Business Networking R&D

Leveraging The Power of Innovative Business Networking

Information Technologies to Ensure Your Success

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A Superior Tactile Battlefield Advantage Thru Innovative Technology Solutions

The Veteran Owned Business Social Network Platform provides a means for Veteran Owned Business owners to create partnerships with like minded Veteran Business owners across a nationwide network specifically dessigned to promote reciporcial business trade partnership agreements, resource and support network building; and further to provide  a collborative enviroment which will allow members an opportunitty and tools necessary to help their businesses grow.

The iMilitary Community network was created to provide members of the Military Community with a social network of thir own that will allow them to connect and interact with family, friends and other veterans and their dendants, all of whom share a common interest. the site is designed to be educational, provide the support for the military community support and resources for the military community's special transitional and rehabilitative needs, while at the same time building a strong military community on a local and national level. The community will also provide an opportunity to benefit from the many discounts and specials being offered by the Veteran Owned Businesses and VOB affiliates in their locals.

The Military C.E.R.T. Social Network was created by the USVIncCC  as a platform to promote and recuit volunteers from the Military Community for emergency response team member positions within their communities,, the network will also include a job board with posting capabilities listing volunteering and employment opportunities with participating government organizations and non-profits. The network will also provide a social enviroment which will allow C.E.R.T. volunteers to communicate and interact with fellow volunteers both locally and nationally and will also include educational training programs free of charge to thos participants who wish to advace emergency management skillsets and knowledge.

Veteran Owned Business Social Network

iMilitary  Community Social Network

Military C.E.R.T. Social Network