iMilitary Community Consumer Loyalty Partnership Rewards

Consumer Loyalty Partnership Rewards Opportunities

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• 25 million veterans

• 2.5 million Active and reserve military personne

l• 20 million spouses of veterans and military Troops

• 55 million children of veterans and military troops

• 64.5 million parents of veterans & military troops

• And God only knows how many brothers, sisters and relatives


Over 167 million Americans make up the military community, whose members put back over 3.7 Trillion Dollars into the U.S. economy through consumer spending.

Military iCommunity Rewards

Few people realize the true power of Americas Military Community. Aside from being the most appreciated and respected people in the nation, they are also the most politically powerful and affluent consumer group in America.

For years Corporate America has gone out of their way to donate monies, resources and provide deep discounts to America's veterans as a way of saying, "Thank you", with little or no expectation getting a return on the generous contrabutions.


An Untapped Market Opportunity 


Unfortunately, our Military Comminity supporters to their detrement had failed to see the bigger picture. The general public believes that our nations military, veterans and their families as being financially destitute, and in need of assistance. What they're seeing is less than 1% of the military community population. In fact the average soldiers pay ranges from medium to high five figures annually, not including their benefits and housing allowences.  Further; Military Community members dominate middle and senior management positions in every city, county state and federal government agency and industry in the private sector and are the most politically powerful, influential and affluent consumers in America.


Giving is a Two Way Street


iMilitary Community Rewards was created not only as a means for non veteran businesses tto thank our military, veterans and their families for the unselfish, heroic military service with discounts, but to also provide members of the Military Community to show their appreciation to those non veteran business through their Patronage and participation in a mutually beneficial customer loyalty partnership

rewards program.


iMilitary Community Loyalty Rewards Advantage

a consumer loyality partnership program.

Boost sales and build loyalty with members of the nations Military Community across your service area.


Customer loyalty sales promotions make up the lion's share of sales revenue in many companies. And the challenge of managing the many customer and channel partner relationships behind those sales grows more complex and intense every day. The USVIncCC iMilitary Community loyalty Rewards program can help you stay competitive with military rewards discount incentive solutions that drive sales, build loyalty and engage the military community consumers  buy your products and services.


iMilitary Community loyalty Rewards and our loyalty rewards management partners have extensive experience delivering successful sales incentive and customer loyalty rewards programs designed to support businesses large and small. We understand the power and leverage that loyalty rewards incentives have to boost your sales, gather customer insight and market directly to your customers.


Contact USVIncCC membership services to learn more about including iMilitary Community Loyalty Rewards in your companys marketing initiatives .

Our customer loyalty and channel incentive programs have helped businesses

  • Boost retail sales revenue

  • Improve profit margins

  • Identify and engage product end-users

  • Launch new products / speed product adoption

  • Establish competitive differentiation

  • Acquire and retain customers

  • Gather valuable customer data and insight

  • Strengthen relationships with retail customers

  • Increase customer loyalty and "share of wallet"

The Military Community

167 Million Strong!

The Power of Presence: That the Military Community dominates middle and senior management positions in every city, county state and federal government agency and industry in the private sector. Further; the Military Community welds a significant amount of influence politically, in the media, the work place, within our communities, amongst family members, friends and associates and are the most avid supporters of the Veteran Owned Business Community and those businesses that support the Military Communities Social Service Initiatives

The Power of Presence      and Influence

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