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United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce

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The United States Veterans Inc., Chamber of Commerce, INC (USVIncCC) is a membership organization whose ranks are made up primarily of veterans serving a cross section of over 3.7 million veteran owned businesses (VOB) ranging from sole proprietors to large corporations and conglomerates. that generated sales/receipts of $2.8 trillion, employed 8.2 million employees, and annual payroll of $280 billion. The veteran owned business community, in conjunction with the 167 million military personnel, veterans, their dependents and family members who make up the military community, and they are the most powerful, political, economic and influential consumer force in the United States and; is America's greatest hope for economic recovery of the country.

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Veteran Owned Businesses

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Basic Membership is provided "FREE" of charge to Veteran Owned Businesses & Veterapreanures.

Membership fee's are paid for by Non-Veteran Business Affiliate Sponsors.


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Membership fees are based on number of company business units, sub-divisions,  franchises and geographic locations. Volume discounts applicable. Please call for quote.

Flat fee based on company size and geographic location. Please call for quote.

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Flat fee based on VSO / VNPO size and geographic location. Please call for quote.

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Due to membership restrictions implemented of varying government and military organizations membership requirements are waived for said organizations, However, resource and chamber service access fees do apply. Please call for quote.

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Corporate Partnership Alliances are managed by the Chambers Corporate contracting office. Please contact our office for more information by clicking the connect button provided.

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Small Business

Small Business Partnership Alliances are managed by the Chambers small business contracting office. Please contact our office for more information by clicking the connect button provided.

 NonProfit Strategic Partner Affiliate

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NPO Organizations

Veteran & Non-Veterans NPO Organization Partnership Alliances are managed by the Chambers VSO & NPO contracting office. Please contact our office for more information by clicking the connect button provided.

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In Partnership with St. Jude, The Shriner's & Partcipating Hospitals

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Held in major cities across the United States to create unprecedented opportunities for both the nations Veteran Owned Businesses and our Military Community Strategic Alliance Partners located in those states. while at the same time creating unprecedented business and resource network opportunities. And further supporting Military Community reintegration, employment, and social service initiatives benefiting our Veterans, their Families, the Communities’ in which they work and live, while at the same time generating mutually beneficial and highly lucrative opportunities for those businesses in the marketplace they serve and do business.

Held in Veteran Service  & Fraternal Organizations across the United States to give Veteran Owned Business’s and The Military Community Strategic Business Alliance Partners an opportunity to first give their business to one another before going outside the Veteran Owned Business Network, to give their business to non-Veteran Owned Businesses who do nothing to support the Military Community in the marketplace where they do business. Further to grow their business and resource networks while at the same time supporting Military Community social service initiatives in the communities where they do business.


A USVincCC innovative entrepreneurial revenue generating initiative to generate sustainable funding for the nations Military Community social service initiatives, through the manufacture and sale of Military & 1st Responder Elite SOF Craft Beers in partnership between the Military Community and strategic Alliance Partners.

Scheduled Events

The Wounded Warrior League of Military Heroes Initiative was created to provide our disabled military veterans with a means to bring joy, inspiration, healing and hope to children who are battling chronic diseases, impairments and deformities. A Superhero that these scared and unfortunate children can befriend, confine there and fears, and find comfort in their relationship. Provide a means of support and encouragement for the parents of these children, and a means of raising funds for these  organizations, in support of their mission and goals.

It is the USVIncCC's belief, that our disabled Veterans cannot lift up these unfortunate children, without that same time lifting up themselves. The Wounded Warrior League of Military Heroes Initiative gives these Veterans something to think about, much bigger then themselves. it bestows upon them an enhanced sense of self-worth and meaningful service. It will show these veterans that they are truly loved and needed; and the courage of these children will inspire these veterans to value life and live their life to it's fullest potential, instill in them a sense of pride while giving them an opportunity to contribute to their communities through meaningful service.

Tribute To Our Nations Military Hero's

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The United States Veterans Inc. Chamber of Commerce; Believes that Veterans do not want or need charity, to the contrary, what they want and need is opportunity. To that end the USVIncCC has chosen to structure itself as a  Chapter C Corporation. As an entrepreneurial organization it is the USVIncCC's mission to lead  by example and therefore generates it's operational funding needs through innovative entrepreneurial revenue generating initiatives. The USVIncCC neither solicits , nor accepts charitable donations of any sort and does not strive compete for any charitable  community based resources necessary to support those Heroic national and community based non-profit organizations serving the Military Community.  To the contrary, in part the USVIncCC's mission is to support said non-profit organizations in pursuit of their mission and goals.